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Winter Sports and Disability Insurance

Gordon Companies Disability Insurance Coverage
Do you enjoy skiing and snowboarding with the family? Will you be hitting the slopes over February break?
If winter sports are activities you regularly enjoy during the winter season, and you earn a paycheck, you can benefit from disability insurance. Workers Compensation will not cover a potential loss of income should you be injured or incapacitated away from the workplace.
Injuries incurred while working are covered by workers’ compensation. Injuries off-the-job (such as skiing), would be covered by disability insurance. Disability insurance will help pay your bills and supplement your income while you recover.
Some employer benefits include a form of disability insurance, however, it is advisable to find out what type of coverage is provided. Some policies are only for a short term such as 26 weeks. Additionally, the policy may have restrictions on the total coverage and the amount you can collect. If you have a short-term plan through your employer, it may be worthwhile to explore a long-term plan so that you are fully covered in the event of an accident. Contact us today with any questions you may have relating to disability insurance.